Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Alquin - 1973 - The Mountain Queen

The Mountain Queen

01. The Dance (13:03)
02. Soft-Eyed Woman (2:39)
03. Convicts Of The Air (4:32)
04. Mouintain Queen (15:04)
05. Mr. Barnum's Jr.'s Magnificent And Fabulous City (4:32)
06. Don And Dewey - Theme by Don Bowman (0:55)

- Hein Mars / bass
- Paul Westrate / drums
- Job Tarenskeen / saxophone, percussion, vocals
- Ronald Ottenhoff / saxophone, flute
- Ferdinand Bakker / guitar, electric violin, piano, vocals
- Dick Franssen / organ, piano, E-piano

Another Alquin essential release by Dutch band Alquin.
This time they dropped the Caravan sound and showed more of their own. Songs such as the title track and "The Dance" are played live even today. "The Dance" cointains some of the best music the band have ever done, specially on the instrumental first half of the track, the second half feature vocals and is softer, even "radio-friendly". "Convicts of the Air" revisits the vocal part of "The Dance" in a more up-tempo way. The title track is fantastic full of melody, solos and mood changes and keeps your attention throughout its 15 minutes. Another highlight is the ending instrumental "Mr. Barnum's Jr.'s Magnificent And Fabulous City" that features lots of organ and saxes solos.

This record puts Alquin in the same league of the great Dutch bands such as Focus and Kayak.



  2. wooow look who's coming up.... i used to love them, and i completely forgot about it.. Still i have this one and "nobody" in vinyl.... woow thanxxx