Saturday, June 18, 2016

Tim Buckley - 1995 - Honeyman

Tim Buckley

01. Dolphins 3:47
02. Buzzin' Fly 7:20
03. Get On Top 4:40
04. Devil Eyes 7:34
05. Pleasant Street 8:19
06. Sally Go Round The Roses 5:53
07. Stone In Love 4:18
08. Honey Man 8:32
09. Sweet Surrender 8:27

Bass – Bernie Mysior
Drums – Buddy Helm
Guitar [Lead] – Joe Falsia
Keyboards – Mark Tiernan
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar – Tim Buckley

Subtitled as "RECORDED LIVE 1973".
Recorded live, 27 November 1973.

Honeyman is a previously unreleased live 1973 radio broadcast in excellent sound, that offers a valuable supplement to Tim Buckley's often disappointing final albums. Buckley's last LPs were marred by unsympathetic L.A. production, and this presents the material with much sparser, focused, and appropriate arrangements. As the songs originate mostly from the Sefronia and Greetings from L.A records (although a couple of songs from the '60s do appear), this couldn't be placed among his best work, or even among his best live albums (Dream Letter and Live at the Troubadour 1969 are both considerably better). Buckley's vocals are great, though, and if the tunes are sometimes too funky for their own good, this is generally good stuff, especially his riveting interpretation of Fred Neil's "Dolphins," which is probably worth the price of admission alone for Buckley fans.

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