Saturday, June 18, 2016

Tim Buckley - 1973 - Sefronia

Tim Buckley 

01. Dolphins 3:10
02. Honey Man 4:10
03. Because Of You 4:25
04. Peanut Man 2:52
05. Martha 3:10
06. Quicksand 3:22
07. I Know I'd Recognize Your Face 3:58
08. Stone In Love 3:27
09. Sefronia - After Asklepiades, After Kafka 2:15
10. Sefronia - The King's Chain 3:23
11. Sally Go 'Round The Roses 3:43

Bass Guitar – Bernie Mysior
Drums – Buddy Helm
Guitar – Joe Falsia
Keyboards – Mark Tiernan
Twelve-string Guitar, Vocals – Tim Buckley

Tim Buckley went deeper into white funk on Sefronia, despite two problems: white funk was not the forte of these L.A. session musicians and female backup vocalists, and not the style for which Buckley himself had the greatest empathy. His voice isn't as stunning as usual on his next-to-last album, but the bigger problem is the material, which is usually forced and pedestrian. Glimmers of quality can be heard on his cover of Fred Neil's "The Dolphins," and the strange two-part title track, which is a throwback to his more ambitious vocal workouts of times past.

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