Saturday, June 18, 2016

Rick Bishop - 1982 - Mister Hide

Rick Bishop
Mister Hide

01. Pent Up House
02. Mister Hide
03. Dorsai
04. Daria
05. The Theme
06. Four
07. Beth On My Mind

Rick Bishop: Bass
Larry Vigneault: Guitar
Tim Osborne: Drums
Mike McInnis: Keyboards

Doug Wainoiris: Guitar (3,4)
Mark Myers: Drums (3)

Now back to the great American tradition of furious guitar fusion.  This is a totally unknown album, undeservedly so, although when I glanced at RYM I saw the mighty osurec was well ahead of us on this.  There are definitely throwaway tracks though, namely, the standards that make up half of side 2 (which were written by Miles Davis).  The compositions by Rick are astonishing though, for the most part.  The music recalls Tony Palkovic, Tony DuPuis, note how the green cover of "Every Moment" is now blue here.

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