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Pete Brown & Piblokto! - 1973 - My Last Band

Pete Brown & Piblokto!
My Last Band

01. High Flying Electric Bird
02. Broken Magic
03. Station Song Platform Two
04. Pete Brown and His Battered Ornaments - The Week Looked Good on Paper
05. Flying Hero Sandwich
06. Thousands on a Raft
07. My Last Band
08. Golden Country Kingdom
09. Living Life Backwards
10. Can´t Get Off the Planet

Pete Brown & Piblokto (all, except A4):
- Pete Brown - vocals, cornish slide whistle, tambourine, percussion, panpipes, trumpet, talking drum
- Jim Mullen - guitars, bass
- Dave Thompson - keyboards, soprano saxophone
- Roger Brunn - bass guitar
- Rob Tait - drums
- Roger Brunn - bass guitar
- Brian Breeze - guitar, panpipes
-  Phil Ryan - keyboards, trombone
- John Pugwash Weathers - drums

Pete Brown & His Battered Ornaments (A4):
- Pete Brown - vocals, trumpet
- Dick-Heckstall-Smith, George Khan - tenor saxophones
- Chris Spedding - guitar, harmonica, violin, chittarra
- Charlie Hart - violin, keyboards
- Butch Potter - bass
- Pete Bailey - congas
- Rib Tait - drums

Compilation of material issued on singles & LPs in 1970, except A4 (in 1968) & B4 (in 1969)

Before the cd-reissues came along, My Last Band was the rescue when playing "Thousands On A Raft" just was not enough. A friend of mine had "Art School Dance", and we pooled our Pete Brown collections, but then I moved...

Despite being billed as "Pete Brown and Piblokto", this Harvest Heritage vinyl also features a track by Brown and The Battered Ornaments, a mono recording of "The Week Looked Good On Paper".

A great little collection, with several interesting non-album tracks, like "Broken Magic" and "Flying Hero Sandwich", as well as "Art School Dance" highlights "Golden Country Kingdom" and "High Flying Electric Bird".

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