Saturday, June 4, 2016

Masayuki Takayanagi - 1985 - 850113

Masayuki Takaynagi Angry Waves

01. 850113 1 15:20
02. 850113 2 17:51
03. 850113 3 15:22
04. 850113 4 17:13

Bass – Nobuyoshi Ino
Drums – Hiroshi Yamazaki
Guitar – Masayuki Takayanagi

Recorded at the Hamamatsu Seibu City-8 Hall, January 13, 1985.

Okay, I admit that Takayanagi sounds at first rather monochromatic in his choice of non-stop flows of notes and it kinda put me off at first. In spite of this:
1) Hiroshi Yamazaki is a really good drummer, and he proves it with his abstract rhythmic inventions (the Japanese Sunny Murray that me likes). He uses a damn lot of cymbals and bells and so on and those are distracting enough, but his solo spots are revelatory.
2) Motoharu Yoshizawa (or at least I think so) is exciting in both solo sections and accompanying sections.
3) Takayanagi has a cyclical conception of playing, not necessarily a wankish and arid one. This is structured improvisation, not Tori Amos, nor The Monkees, nor Death. And his ease in slipping from high to low registers and from Latin sonorities to Derek Bailey-like moments is nothing to be spit upon, it gets exciting if you have the patience.
Not a Call In Question, if you ask me or everybody else, not quite a Dislocation, but it is worth repeated listens.



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