Friday, June 3, 2016

Masayuki Takayanagi - 1979 - Cool Jojo

Jojo Takayanagi Second Concept
 Cool Jojo 

01. Froggy Day [Ronnie Ball] (5:35)
02. These Things [Masayuki Takayanagi] (4:58)
03. Hi Beck [Lee Konitz] (419)
04. Palo Alto [Lee Konitz] (4:03)
05. 317 East 32ND [Lennie Tristano] (4:44)
06. Subconscious Lee [Lee Konitz] (5:29)
07. My New Flame [Masayuki Takayanagi] (5:06)
08. Lennie's Pennies [Lennie Tristano] (3:16)

09. Froggy Day (alternate take) [Ronnie Ball] (5:37)
10. Hi Beck (alternate take) [Lee Konitz] (4:16)
11. 317 East 32ND (alternate take) [Lennie Tristano] (4:38)
12. Subconscious Lee (alternate take) [Lee Konitz] (5:12)

Masayuki Takayanagi Second Concept
Masayuki Takayanagi: guitar
Kenji Kosei: piano, electric piano
Nobuyoshi Ino: bass
Yasuhiro Yamazaki: drums

Produced by Takeshi Fujii
Recorded by Yoshihiko Kannari at Yamaha Epicurus Studio, Tokyo, December 3-5, 1979
Illustration and design by Makoto Yoshida
Photos by Tsutomu Nishizawa
Includes Japanese liner notes by Masahiko Yu

Originally released in 1980 (without tracks 9-12) as an LP on Three Blind Mice (TBM-5018)
Tracks 9-12 originally released in 2000 on the CD Cool Jojo on Three Blind Mice (TBM-XR-5018)

Guitarist Masayuki "Jojo" Takayanagi (1932-1991) was a towering leader in the Japanese jazz world. A pioneering figure in free form jazz, he led an influential group called the New Direction and recorded many albums in that style in the 1970s.

Just as the 1970s was coming to a close, he formed a new group called the Second Concept, a simple quartet without horns, to return to his roots: The "cool" jazz style pioneered by Lennie Tristano. On this album, Takayanagi and his band perform compositions -- many of which are based on chord progressions of well known standards -- by Tristano, his disciples Lee Konitz and Ronnie Ball as well as two originals.

They explore and extend the cool style characterized by logical and linear, bebop-based improvisations. On a few tunes, Takayanagi uses an octave-box effector to simulate the "octave" playing a la Wes Montgomery. This Blu-spec CD reissue includes four alternate takes as bonus tracks.



  2. i was going to waffle on about the transcendant nature of some of this sublime music ( should that be 'sound' ) but instead a simple thank you says it all really.
    music that needs to be heard
    by everyone
    keep up the awesome work my friend