Friday, June 3, 2016

Masayuki Takayanagi - 1975 - Eclipse

New Direction Unit 

01. First Session I (Gradually Projection) 10:47
02. First Session II (Gradually Projection) 9:07
03. Second Session (Mass Projection) 25:23

Alto Saxophone, Flute, Recorder – Kenji Mori
Drums, Percussion – Hiroshi Yamazaki
Electric Bass – Nobuyoshi Ino
Electric Guitar – Masayuki Takayanagi

Recorded March 14, 1975 in Tokyo.

1. "First Session" wanders, staggers really, and develops in subtle ways. After being introduced to his work with Mass Hysterism, hearing Takayanagi in that mode - still out there but tethered to things you normally associate with jazz - took some getting used to.

2. People invoke AMM a lot in relation to "First Session." I've never really 'gotten AMM. Maybe that's why it's not as immediate for me.

3. "Second Session," however is exactly what I expected this to be. There's all the chaos of Mass Hysterism but with the added bonus of Kenji Mori's Ayler/Dolphy-ish saxophone trying to match Takayanagi's intensity and fire and actually succeeding.

4. Yeah, "Second Session" isn't quite the live-wire fireball of Mass Hysterism but once again I'm in awe of the sustained chaos that it manages for 20+ minutes. Drummer Hiroshi Yamazaki's arms should have fallen off around the 12 minute mark in my uninformed medical opinion.

5. When the bass joins in the fray in the back half of "Second Session" it might just be better than Mass Hysterism. Sorry for only having one point of comparison here by the way, I'll have a better overall picture of Takayanagi's work in time.Trust me.

What in the hell is Takayanangi doing to that poor instrument? This is the kinda shit no one would be doing today and here he is, creating exploding hell in seventy effing five. Honest talk, the only thing he does on the b-side is feedback and he's bending it inside out like I've heard no one else do. Get this.