Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Collective - 2014 - Idrissa's Dream (Live at Antioch College 1971)

The Collective 
Idrissa's Dream (Live at Antioch College 1971)

01. The Shepherd's Tune
02. Idrissa's Dream Part I
03. Idrissa's Dream Part II
04. Black Queen
05. Beginning Roots Part I
06. Beginning Roots Part II
07. Veil Of Solitude

Idris Ackamoor- alto and soprano saxophones, percussions
Margaux Simmons- flute
Lester Knibbs- piano
Steve Rumboat- french horn
Steve Maniscoso- drums and percussions

*special guest Greg LaMont Wright- soprano saxophone

Rec. Live at Antioch College, Kelly Hall, Ohio; August 29, 1971

This amazing concert is presented here for the 1st time ever, complete and with exact sequence. the title track is one of the most beautiful compositions that i had ever heard, if it'll not touch yr heart, consult the heart (and not the mind). spiritual jazz at his deepest heights. Presently there is a lot of attention being paid to the rebirth of The Pyramids. There have been multiple European tours, a plethora of reissues, and new recordings. However, The Collective's story has NEVER been told and/or heard outside of Ohio until now! Listen to this extraordinary music for the FIRST time. A music still fresh and vibrant after 42 years!" ~Idris Ackamoor, August 8, 2013. Idris Ackamoor - alto and soprano saxophones, percussions, Margaux Simmons - flute, Lester Knibbs - piano, Steve Rumboat - French horn, Steve Maniscoso - drums and percussions. Special guest Greg LaMont Wright - soprano saxophone on 'Beginning Roots'. Recorded live at Antioch College, Kelly Hall, Ohio, August 29, 1971.



  2. Now, this whole Pyramids thing is 100% good news. Thank you.