Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Stomu Yamash'ta - 1977 - Go Too

Stomu Yamash'ta 
Go Too

01. Prelude (3:10 )
02. Seen You Before (6:14)
03. Madness (6:02)
04. Mysteries Of Love (6:44)
05. Wheels Of Fortune (5:37)
06. Beauty (5:11)
07. You And Me (6:59)
08. Ecliptic (2:37)

- Stomu Yamashta / synthesizers, piano, tympani, percussion
- Klaus Schulze / keyboards
- Peter Robinson / keyboards
- Al DiMeola / guitar
- Doni Harvey / guitar, vocals
- Jess Roden / lead vocals
- Linda Lewis / lead vocals
- Paul Jackson / bass
- Michael Shrieve / drums
- Brother James / percussion

This is a very eclectic fusion-disco-pop-electronic record. The 2 first tracks of side 1 consist in the following sequence: a spacy & cosmic arrangement by Klaus Schulze, followed by a moog solo a la Chick Corea, followed by a jazzy disco song with sexy female vocals, full of nervous symphonic arrangements in the background, then followed by a visceral electric guitar solo by Al Di Meola (Seen You Before)! The mediocre next pop song "Madness", characterized by hysterical female lead vocals, remind the bland solo career of George Duke, especially his "Reach for it" album. The side one concludes with "Mysteries of love", a melancholic & sentimental track reminding the Alan Parson's Project assisted by a background orchestra: the electric guitar solo is particularly VERY good!
The side 2 begins with "Wheels of Fortune", another prog related catchy disco pop song filled with sexy female lead & backing vocals and background orchestral arrangements. The tender & graceful and pleasant "Beauty", the second track, is a bit similar to "Mysteries of Love": Alan Parson's stuff seems again a source of inspiration here: Al DiMeola plays a gracious Spanish guitar solo; it ends with whale sounds-like and church bells. Klaus Schulze comes back for the intro of "You and Me" with a melodramatic & futuristic keyboards arrangement; it does not last for a long time since another rhythmic poppy song a la Patrick Moraz full of sexy female vocals takes place. The last track, "Ecliptic", is a mysterious floating electronic track reminding a bit the Tangerine Dream's intro of the track "Remote viewing" of the Exit album.

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