Sunday, May 22, 2016

Shadowfax - 1988 - Folklsongs For A Nuclear Village

Folklsongs For A Nuclear Village

01. The Firewalker- 4:54
02. We Used to Laugh - 4:07
03. Solar Wind - 5:08
04. Behind Green Eyes- 5:17
05. Lucky Mud - 4:40
06. Madagascar Cafe - 3:06
07. Against the Grain - 3:42
08. No Society - 4:16
09. Elephant Ego - 5:00
10. Folksong for a Nuclear Village- 5:13

Chuck Greenberg - Lyricon, flute, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone
Stuart Nevitt - cymbals, drums, programming
G. E. Stinson - guitar, accordion, electric guitar
Charles Bisharat - mandolin, violin
David Lewis - piano, Moog synthesizers
Phil Maggini - bass, percussion, piano

The band wrote these songs for a now obscure dance performance of the same name. Putting their distinctively complex style and typically insane array of ethnic instruments to danceable rhythms made for an album of exotic new age modern dance music unlike anything put out before or after.

Like many of their albums, it has the feeling of a soundtrack to a great fantasy video game you've never played. It actually predates such soundtracks by almost a decade.

They won a grammy for this album when it came out, but it didn't seem to stop Capitol from dropping the artist. Now the album is out of print. Go figure.



  2. asere, super gracias, pues he estado años buscando esto. lo tuve en kct y de aquí usé varios tracks para temas de mis programas de radio. me cuadra este disco cantidad!