Sunday, May 22, 2016

Shadowfax - 1984 - The Dreams Of Children

The Dreams Of Children

01. Another Country - 4:20
02. Snowline - 4:30
03. The Big Song - 4:00
04. The Dreams of Children- 4:50
05. Word from the Village - 4:40
06. Kindred Spirits- 4:15
07. Shaman Song - 5:20
08. Above the Wailing Wall - 4:50

G. E. Stinson - 6- and 12-string guitar, effects vocals
Chuck Greenberg - Lyricon, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, stone flute
Phil Maggini - bass
Stuart Nevitt - drums, percussion, boobams
Jamil Szmadzinski - violin, baritone violin
David Lewis - Yamaha DX7, Memorymoog, Steinway grand piano

OK, this may not be the glorious Shadowfax of their earlier fusion era, but still a very decent and pleasant album nevertheless.
If The Dreams of Children were to be judged solely on the basis of its level of "proggyness", it could easily be found lacking ... but for those who don't mind - for a change - a short New Age intermezzo in their "prog" spiritual diet, this Shadowfax album may feel refreshing.

I wasn't disappointed. Matter of fact, the Shadowfax evolution between their debut Watercourse Way and The Dreams was a lot more palatable than that of some bands, who shape-shifted into commercial pop outfits in the 1980's.

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