Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Phil Miller - 2001 - Out Of The Blue

Phil Miller 
Out Of The Blue

01. Early Days (8:35)
02. No More Mr.Nice Guy (7:42)
03. Delta Borderline (10:06)
04. Phrygian Intro & Phrygian Blues (12:58)
05. Open Sea (6:07)
06. Slime Divas (12:04

- Phil Miller/ guit.,guit.-synth.
- Elton Dean / (as,saxello) [1-2/4/6]
- Jim Dvorak/ tpt. [1-2/4/6]
- Peter Lemer/ keyb.
- Fred Baker / bass
- Pip Pyle / drums

-Doug Boyle/ guit. [3/5]

Guitarist / composer Phil Miller and his In Cahoots ensemble have been a consistently excellent source of great music for many years. This album is very special in their discography, as Phil wrote the music for this album during the period when his brother, pianist Steve Miller became ill with the cancer which eventually killed him in December of 1998. Phil had originally hoped that Steve would play on the recording but, as his illness progressed, that ceased to be a possibility. In a way this album is a tribute to Steve and is dedicated to his memory. This is a real return to roots for Phil, harking back to earlier days when he, Steve and Pip played together in Delivery, a band which leaned heavily on the blues for its starting point and it coincides with Cuneiform Records re-release of the Delivery album “Fools Meeting”. It represents something of a departure for Phil, being his first venture into the blues for 30 years. The writing is simpler and there is more of a groove in the rhythm section. The usual In Cahoots sextet line up of Phil Miller - guitar and guitar synthesizer, Fred Baker - fretless bass guitar, Elton Dean - alto sax and saxello, Pete Lemer - keyboards, Jim Dvorak - trumpet and Pip Pyle - drums is augmented by Doug Boyle on guitar. Excellent music from start to finish, which of course is not surprising for a band that keeps delivering one great album after another.



  2. Thanks So Much "Zen" for sharing all these wonderful Phil Miller albums! He is definitely one of England's most *underrated* guitarists along with Bill Nelson, Jo Partridge and a bunch of others...! ;-)