Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Phil Miller - 1991 - Digging In

Phil Miller
Digging In

01. No Holds Barred (12:58)
02. Digging In (15:02)
03. Bass Motives (9:55)
04. Down To Earth (5:03)
05. Speaking To Lydia (5:57)
06. Bird's Eye View (2:02)
07. Louder Than Words (3:04)

- Phil Miller / guit.,guit.-syn,progr.
- Peter Lemer/ keyb. [1/2/3/5]
- Fred Baker / bass [1/2/3/5]
- Pip Pyle / dr.-progr. [1/2/3/5]

Guitarist Phil Miller resides as one of the preeminent exponents of progressive rock, notwithstanding his storied legacy amid the much beloved British Canterbury rock scene. Otherwise, this 1991 release features the guitarist performing with some of his longtime musical associates: bassist Fred Baker, drummer Pip Pyle, and keyboardist Pete Lemer. Armed with MIDI and electric guitars, Miller successfully masters the digital revolution with a congenial and altogether zestful set, featuring Pyle's drum programming and the soloists' astute effects manipulations. Here, the band melds jazzy motifs with ethereal backdrops, whimsical themes, and memorably melodic choruses. Furthermore, Miller and Lemer employ MIDI-based trumpet and vibes patches, whereas Baker often trades harmonious notes with the primary soloists via his fluent attack and articulately executed chord voicings. Ultimately, Miller's penchant for constructing melodically tinged compositions among a series of cheery arrangements provides the winning formula. Recommended.

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