Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Phil Miller - 1989 - Split Seconds

Phil Miller 
Split Seconds

01. And Thus Far (12:00)
02. Final Call (5:28)
03. Dada Soul (4:20)
04. Truly Yours (5:00)
05. Double Talk (5:55)
06. I Remain (3:30)
07. Your Root 2 (9:20)
08. Foreign Bodies (6:15)

- Phil Miller / guitar, guitar synthesizer
- Elton Dean / as, saxello [1, 4, 7 & 8]
- Steve Franklin / synthesizers [1, 4, 7 & 8]
- Fred Baker / bass [1, 4, 7 & 8]
- Pip Pyle / drums [1, 4, 7 & 8]
- Dave Stewart / keyboards, programming) [3, 5 & 6]
- Barbara Gaskin / backing vocals [3, 5 & 6]
- John Mitchell / keyboards, programming

In this album, his Solo Album is a work of the second work following "Cutting Both Ways". First Solo Album developed the creation of his music till then further and worked. It was a work that showed the directionality of "In Cahoots" that was one of the lifeworks of him enough. He will be sure to be a measurable figure for Canterbury Scene. And, a necessary person for Canterbury gathers and develops into "In Cahoots". The musician who is performing by the tune is different in this album. It distributes the musician by the tune to make the music that Phil Miller exactly created an embodiment and the tune has succeeded splendidly. In this album, the performance where the tension by In Cahoots overflows splendidly creates current their element and idea. The knowledge of men who cultivated it with Hatfields and Softs keeps good feelings and develops high-quality Jazz Rock consistently. The sense of Canterbury splendidly appears really to the third "Dada Soul". The song of Richard Sinclair is one treasure for Canterbury. The age is caught and Miller has introduced the guitar synthesizer in this album. Miller loves item of Jazz and is said that it copied Larry Coryell and John MacLaughlin well. And, he was felt that he had to take an original element to music strongly. It appeals to people as a sound of Miller surely now his style. "Double Talk" and "I Remain", etc. to participate also have ..Pop.. element, and other Dave Stewart And Barbara Gaskin takes the element of a sweet melody and offers us the depth of Canterbury. Overall