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Fire Merchants - 1989 - Fire Merchants

Fire Merchants 
Fire Merchants

01. Saladin
02. Hamsterdam
03. Conflagration
04. Tunnel Vision
05. Last Rhino
06. Divisions
07. Ignition
08. Cancel The Album
09. Nevele
10. Z104
11. Black Forest

- John Goodsall / guitar, guitar synthesizer
- Doug Lunn / bass, additional percussion (track 5)
- Chester Thompson / drums

Formed by guitarist John Goodsall (BABYLON, BRAND X, SANDOZ) and drummer Chester Thompson (ZAPPA, WEATHER REPORT, GENESIS) who recruited bassist/percussionist Doug Lunn for a first album, FIRE MERCHANTS combine the Goodsall/Thompson fire power with a metallic edge. The guys make a lot of noise, do some fantastic playing and have exciting grooves. Imagine a more aggressive and electric version of BRAND X and you'll have an idea of what they sound like.

They have released two rock fusion albums todate, a self-titled LP in 1986 (whose CD version contains an extra track) and a CD in 1996. The first (self-titled) consists of electric guitar improvisations with intense riffs and rhythms where Goodsall deftly shows off his pyrotechnics while Lunn and Thomson put down workman-like performances, getting the occasional spotlight along the way. This is an excellent album for those who enjoy electric guitar in a fairly heavy jazz-rock context. Their second album, "Lanlords of Atlantis", is still fusion but leans even more on the prog-metal side. It is solid enough for fans of Goodsall's axe-work, in fact for the most diehard proggy axe-heads.

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