Friday, May 20, 2016

Brand X - 1995 - Live at the Roxy LA 1979

Brand X 
Live at the Roxy LA 1979

01. Disco Suicide -> Algon (14:14)
02. Dance of the Illegal Aliens (11:56)
03. Don't Make Waves (6:16)
04. Malaga Virgen (13:34)
05. ...And So to F... (12:24)
06. Nuclear Burn (12:02)

- Phil Collins / drums, percussions, vocals
- John Goodsall / guitars
- Percy Jones / bass
- Robin Lumley / keyboards, vocals
- Peter Robinson / keyboards

This is an intresting concert in LA. It's not perfect. This was the third show in Roxy in 23rd september 79.( after 21 and 22). So they played a bit tired and made some mistakes. It's a bit harder performance. They play songs with more rock influence. They play songs different. It sounds like they were in hurry. (Perhaps Collins wanted to go to record Duke). Collins talked a bit too much (as He said). He's a great drummer. Played well on this album. The sound quality isn't perfect, but not bad. I think it's a historical record. They didn't want to release this, I guess. These kind of recordings show, that these musicians are also people. They can be tired, they can do mistakes. So I think this is a good effort. I can imagine the smoke and noise in Roxy, and then the guys sit down to play jazz-rock... The audience enjoyed that very much.

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