Thursday, May 19, 2016

Brand X - 1980 - Do They Hurt

Brand X 
Do They Hurt

01. Noddy Goes To Sweden (4:30)
02. Voidarama (4:25)
03. Act of Will (4:44)
04. Fragile! (5:26)
05. Cambodia (4:30)
06. Triumphant Limp (7:28)
07. D.M.Z. (8:37)

- Percy Jones / bass on (1,3,4,5,7), vocals on (1)
- Peter Robinson / keyboards, tam-tam on (5,6)
- Michael Clarke / drums on (1,3,4,5,7)
- John Goodsall / guitar on (2,3,5,6,7), vocals on (3)
- John Giblin / bass on (2,6)
- Phil Collins / drums on (2,6)
- Robin Lumley / keyboards on (2,6)

"Cambodia" is probably the track that got my attention the first time I played this album. It has a very nuanced style through the sound creation the track produces. The other track that also attract me is "D.M.Z.". Musically, the band had tried to maintain their composition through the mix of heavier elements from jazz and rock. On musicianship I can hear how John Goodsall (guitar) had perfected his guitar-playing mode. Phil Collins drumming only share two tracks while major portion of drum isperformed by Michael Clarke. Am quite happy with the facts that Percy Jones plays more bass guitar than John Giblin. I personally prefer Percy Jones bass playing style than John Giblin because his style fits the music of Brand X really well. John Giblin whom I knew well through his contribution with Peter Gabriel. Giblin's style is more suitable with Peter Gabriel music, I think. Robun Lumley plays keyboard more than Peter Robinson.
I personally enjoy this album even though I prefer their "Morrocan Roll" album. Yes, it's an excellent addition to any prog music especially in the vein of jazz rock fusion . Keep on proggin' ..!

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