Friday, May 20, 2016

Atomic Rooster - 2000 - Rarities (1970-1981)

Atomic Rooster 
Rarities (1970-1981)

01. Moonrise (last recording from 1981)
02. Atomic Alert (USA radio AD 1971)
03. Death Walks Behind You (Studio live from 1981 unreleased)
04. V.U.G. (with Carl Palmer 1970 unreleased)
05. Broken Window (unreleased from 1980)
06. Alien Alert (USA radio AD 1971)
07. Throw Your Life Away (different mix from 1970)
08. Devils Alert (USA radio AD 1971)
09. Devils Answer (Original demowith Carl Palmer from 1970)
10. Do You Know Who's Looking For You? (Original demo from 1980)
11. Don't Lose Your Mind (Original demo from 1980)
12. He Did It Again (original demo from 1970)
13. Backward/ Forward revealed (Death Walks fans only 1971)
14. End Of The Day (original demo from 1981)
15. Lost In Space (original demo from 1981)
16. Hold It Through The Night (unreleased from 1981)
17. No Change By Me (unreleased from 1981)
18. Play It Again (original demo from 1981)
19. I Can't Take No More (live from Marquee 1980)

Sound may vary due to different studios/ years. All efforts by John DuCann have been made to archieve the best sound quality from his Archive tape.

Rare and unreleased recordings from the British progressive-rock group including their first ever demo, with Carl Palmer and their last recording from 1981, ‘Moonrise’. Featuring previously unreleased USA radio ads, alternate mixes, original demos and live material.

- John Du Cann / vocals, Fender guitar
- Vincent Crane / Hammond C3 organ
- Paul Hammond / drums except tracks (1-3,5-8,10-19)
- Carl Palmer / drums (4, 9)

 It does exactly what it says on the tin! This is an album comprised solely of unreleased or rare versions with some demos and radio ads thrown in for good measure. However, although this is obviously aimed at the hard-core fan, there are some real gems that show even to the uninitiated that here was a band that never really fulfilled their potential. Listen to the live in the studio version of "Death Walks Behind You" from 1981, and be impressed with the sheer power.
There is even the original demo version of "Devil's Answer" from 1970, with a young Mr. Palmer on drums. The ads were for American radio, and sound quite funny and extremely dated. Their last 'hit' was "Play It Again" and the demo is also on here from 1981.

Overall an interesting compilation that shows just a little of what this fine band were all about. An excellent booklet, as one would expect from Angel Air, which makes this a 'must purchase' for the fan.