Sunday, May 22, 2016

Ariel Kalma - 1980 - Interfrequence

Ariel Kalma

01. Generus 2:08
02. Casiopee 2:15
03. Oasis 2:28
04. Retour D'Elle 2:42
05. Danse Soeur 5:07
06. Promenade 4:07
07. Round You Go 3:16
08. Merry Forest 4:26
09. Barimpa 2:25
10. Gaite Blue 1:16
11. Vers Gaite 2:07
12. Rep Voc 3:22
13. Trompe Vie 1:24
14. Zdunska Wola 2:50
15. Chinassou 1:20
16. Ba-Tu-Kalma 1:20
17. Interfrequence 5:16
18. Source Fraiche 3:50

 Synthesizer, Flute, Organ, Saxophone, Harmonium, Horns, Clarinet, Effects – Ariel Kalma

Originally conceived for film and TV in 1980, theses pieces grew in popularity as time passed... maybe because of their rare appearances?
After the 1978 exploits of Osmose, Ariel Kalma returned to the studio in 1980 to create the space-ambient library record Interfrequence, reissued here for the first time. In a continuation of Kalma's personal research into the combination of electronic machines with natural sounds and acoustic instrumentation, the French musician plays the master of ceremonies with his synths, but he diverges from the symphonic, galactic suites composed by other standard-bearers like Richard Pinhas and Klaus Schulze. One finds 18 short sound-pictures (a few of them in collaboration with M. Saclays) that emanate an unparalleled variety of ideas and ethno-cultural influences. Kalma's distinctive compositional style always returns in a crescendo of ecstatic emotions reflecting on the hidden and secret aspects of the micro- and macro-cosmos. If in Osmose the sampling from the mother Gaia was more explicit, here nature is investigated not only in terms of pure tones, but also in the dynamics of flows and movements dictated by the frequency of Moogs and organs. Complete with embellishments of hyper-space flutes, trumpets, and clarinets, Interfrequence is yet another chapter in Kalma's personal saga of sound imagery discovery.


  1. Zen, thank you for the Ariel Kalma. Track 9 is missing from the file, is this the way you intended or should it be in file?

  2. my bad.... somehow I seem to have deleted that track before I rared and uploaded the album, I'll fix it in the morning and add a separate link just for that track... thanks for the catch!

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    1. Hey Zen, track 9 has different title but it is the same music and length of time as track 8 check it out this can't be right!

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    3. Zen I deleted my comment, when I read it the last line didn't sound like what I was trying to say. I hope it wasn't taken wrong. Anyway is there any chance of getting track 8 at 4:26?

  4. no worries bro... didnt read anything wrong into it... reuploading the whole thing right now... new link in a bit... decided to reupload the whole thing from scratch to make sure it was ok

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  6. Thanks Zen/Drago, really do appreciate the extra work. All seems right now.