Thursday, May 5, 2016

Alpha III - 1974 - Spectro

Alpha III 

01. Momentos Do Universo (4:05)
02. Reverberes Ao Spectro (4:51)
03. Meson K (4:36)
04. Casa Branca (5:03)
05. Lince Negro (5:29)
06. Molécula (5:11)
07. Dança Das Pirâmides (7:10)
08. Requiém (2:47)

- Amyr Cantúsio Jr. / keyboards
- Duppermel Jr. / percussion
- Adilson Samuel / drums
- Mario Jorge / bass

Amir Cantusio Jr. was born to Italian parents in 1957 in Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil and studied piano and violin at the age of 5.He developed his musical skills as a multi-instrumentalist at the conservatory of Sao Paulo.Known as the leader of the Alpha III project, his first band was actually Spectro in the mid-70's along with percussionist Duppermel Jr., a singer named Arp Odyssey (!), drummer Adilson Samuel and bassist Mario Jorge.These 20-min. recordings were released in 2002 by Medusa Records in a limited number of CD's.The first four tracks are straightly taken from the Spectro days and saw a band playing in a typical keyboard-driven Symphonic Rock style.Despite the mediocre sound and mix, Spectro seem to have been a talented act with Cantusio Jr. as their undisputed leader.Their musicianship is heavily influenced by the likes of Rick Wakeman and Emerson, Lake & Palmer. with superb keyboard work and pounding rhythmic parts, based on Cantusio's organ leads, atmospheric synthesizers and Classical-inspired passages.The atmosphere constantly turns from a romantic and dramatic mood to a virtuosic face and keeps the listener from the very first to the last minute.This would have been even greater if the production quality wasn't that low.The next four compositions are all arranged and performed by Cantusio Jr. himself, the use of synthesizers is stronger now and the style seems like a cross between Symphonic Rock and Electronic Prog.With the heavy use of voice effects, samplers and electronic ambiences the sound now is even more diverse and dramatic, the programming is good and the music still remains inspired, showing the fine talent of Cantusio Jr. in composition.The album still remains very rare nowadays, having yet to see a reissue by a major label.However it definitely deserves this, being far more than just a historical document of Amir Cantusio's early days as a musician, containing some great moments of organ-led Symphonic Rock mixed with some great electronics.

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