Monday, April 11, 2016

Volker Kriegel - 1976 - Octember Variations

Volker Kriegel 
Octember Variations

01. Funk You Very Much (5:37)
02. Ballad Garden & Palm Dreams (6:02)
03. Octember Variation (6:30)
04. Und Schön Ist Die Fahrt (5:50)
05. Dora (6:30)
06. Flugsteig B (2:06)
07. Spiral Crackers (3:30)

Volker Kriegel / Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Sitar [Sitar-guitar], Producer
Hans Peter Ströer / Bass
Evert Fraterman / Drums
Thomas Bettermann / Keyboards
Nippi Noya / Percussion

“Jazz” is scary word for most people, and by my way of thinking, it shouldn’t be, especially if one is a fan of Steely Dan, a group who created accessible underlying currents of jazz throughout all of their work, and finally moved headlong into the genre with their release of Aja.

Most purists would consider Volker Kriegerl’s Octember Variations to be an exploration of jazz fusion, and while that’s certainly true, it’s much more inclusive and slick, sliding in an array of steady rolling funk and boppy rhythmic sequential chord changes essentially designed for the interplay of guitar, organ, and electric piano, which at times dance on the edges of straight ahead progressive rock ... sparking me to wonder what it would have been like to see this artist live, in a jamming atmosphere, where he could bounce and link musical ideas with his companions.

The album is locked in tight, divided into three sections that are defined by well established free-from jazz maneuvers that allow Octember Variations to soar and swirl in a delightful intoxicating manner, perfect for beginning your day, or winding it down.



  2. Thanks for all the Krieger albums! These will definitely be up my street.

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