Monday, April 11, 2016

Volker Kriegel - 1975 - Topical Harvest

Volker Kriegel
Topical Harvest

01. Hypnotic Pignose (4:27)
02. Circus Gambet (4:41)
03. Hallo Albert (3:36)
04. Remember Gereba (3:08)
05. Sister Matic (3:49)
06. Oriente (6:06)
07. Bahia Next Yera (5:36)
08. Tribut (1:02)
09. Let's Say Windmill (4:35)
10. Saturnalia (2:41)

-Volker Kriegel / electric guitar, acoustic guitar, flute
-Rainer Bruninghaus / keyboards, electric piano, organ
-Hans Peter Stroer / bass, mellotron, flute
-Ray Mantilla / congas, percussion
-Peter Giger / percussion
-Joe Nay / drums
-Albert Mangelsdorff / trombone
-Peter Coura / acoustic guitar

Volker Kriegel was an important part of the German jazz/rock scene in its earliest, most exciting days. This was his fourth album, from 1975, and it brings together a fine grouping of German musicians: Volker Kriegel (electric guitar), Albert Mangelsdorff (trombone), Rainer Brüninghaus (electric piano and keyboards), Hans Peter Stroer (bass, etc), Peter Giger (drums and percussion), etc. This is not as great as his earlier MPS releases; the bloom was fading from the rose of early, adventurous jazz/rock, but this is still a great listen.
 This album of Kriegel is a beautifull sample of a nice and smod kind of jazz, rock and fusion style. He makes a mix of elements that give colors to his fine songs.
I recomend this album to all prog fans who like the mix of jazz in the progressive style.

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