Sunday, April 10, 2016

Volker Kriegel - 1973 - Lift

Volker Kriegel 

01. Lift! (6:54) 
02. Three Or Two In One (6:07) 
03. Forty Colours (3:26) 
04. A Piece With A Chord From A Yorkshire Terrier (6:05) 
05. Electric Blue (8:55) 
06. The Lame Donkey (2:40) 
07. Between The Seasons (4:38) 
08. Blue Titmouse (3:55) 

Tracks 1,2,4,7,8 - Volker Krieger
Tracks 3,5,6 - Eberhardt Weber

-Volker Kriegel / electric guitar, acoustic guitar
-Stan Sulzman / soprano saxophone, flute
-Zbigniew Seifert / electric violin
-John Taylor / electric piano
-Eberhardt Weber / bass, cello, electric bass, bass guitar
-Cees See / percussion
-John Marshall / drums

This is my favourite Volker Kriegel album and it was released in 1973. In a nutshell what we get is prominant bass along with John Marshall doing his thing on the drums while sax, violin, guitar and electric piano take turns leading and also filling out the sound.This is a fantastic album !
"Lift !" is such a beautiful track with the soprano sax leading early then it picks up before the violin leads before 2 minutes.The guitar with prominant bass comes in as it settles.The violin is back 3 minutes in then the sax leads again.Violin leads one more time as the tempo speeds up at the 6 minute mark.

"Three Or Two In One" features electric piano, sax, drums and more leading the way. I love this stuff. It's laid back and we get some guitar before 2 minutes leading then the violin with bass, electric piano and cymbals stand out.The sax then replaces the violin. Incredible track !

"Forty Colours" is a slow moving track with the violin leading followed by intricate guitar.

"A Piece With A Chord From A Yorkshire Terrier" is my favourite. I like the electric piano early but it's the electric guitar that starts to solo as the bass and intricate drumming help out that blows me away. Sax replaces the guitar 3 minutes in and the electric piano is prominant too. It settles back before 4 1/2 minutes with the bass leading. Cool !

"Electric Blue" is uptempo and violin led to start.The violin is shredding 2 1/2 minutes in. Sax leads 6 1/2 minutes in as the bass, drums and electric piano also standout. Nice. Big finish on this one.

"The Lame Donkey" is a laid back and intricate guitar led track with flute. "Between The Seasons" has a relaxed sound early then the electric piano leads after a minute and the bass stands out too.Violin 2 1/2 minutes in then the guitar returns.Violin again leads 4 minutes in.

"Blue Titmouse" is uptempo and intricate and perhaps a little known fact is that the blue titmouse actually has blue tits. I kid you not. Okay I lied.

A great album with some killer German and British musicians that will please Jazz / Fusion fans in a big way.



  2. An amazing lineup of players. Looking forward to hearing this. Many thanks.