Monday, April 4, 2016

Various Artsts - 1989 - Gumby

Various Artsts 

01. Dweezil And Moon Unit Zappa (In Love) With You Gumby 3:42
02. Eddie Wade Concrete And Clay 3:40
03. Brave Combo Zydeco Gumby Ya Ya 2:24
04. Donna McElroy Bend Me, Shape Me 4:37
05. Sly And Robbie Gumby, We Love You 4:30
06. Jonathan Richman I Like Gumby 2:57
07. Brave Combo Pokey's Polka 3:03
08. Rick Schulman The Ballad Of Gumby 4:08
09. Flo And Eddie We All Are Gumby 6:01
10. Frank Sinatra, Jr. The Gumby Heart Song (Original TV Theme) 3:06

Obscure Tribute To That Big Green Rubbery Guy
One of our commenters mentioned this ancient artifact from the 20th Century and we thought it might be fun to post it, if only for the Beatles re-write by Flo & Eddie (The Turtles/The Mothers) that captures the fab’s psych years in a rich parody of/homage to “Strawberry Fields Forever” and “I Am The Walrus” (“all we are saying, is give Gumby a chance”). There’s some other fun stuff here as well, including Dweezil & Moon Unit Zappa’s original tribute, Sly & Robbie, Jonathan Richman and even Francis Albert’s kid, Frank Sinatra, Jr., taking an extremely weak swing at the show’s theme song (the kid never really had the chops). All but three of the contributions are original compositions.

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