Sunday, April 10, 2016

Pure Food and Drug Act - 1971 - Choice Cuts

Pure Food and Drug Act 
Choice Cuts

01. Introduction: Jim’s Message (1:44)
02. My Soul’s On Fire (4:13)
03. ‘Till The Day I Die (7:08)
04. Eleanor Rigby (11:49)
05. A Little Soul Food (4:04)
06. Do It Yourself (4:21)
07. Where’s My Sunshine? (8:54)
08. What Comes Around Goes Around (4:21)

Bass – Victor Conte
Drums – Paul Lagos
Lead Guitar – Harvey Mandel
Rhythm Guitar – Randy Resnick
Violin, Vocals – Don "Sugarcane" Harris

Speaking Of Don “Sugarcane” Harris…
In the wake of posting our upgraded, “faux-Deluxe Edition” of Don “Sugarcane” Harris’ Sugar Cane’s Got The Blues, we thought we’d dig up this cool, long-ignored, sole 1972 release from Pure Food And Drug Act, a transitory blues/rock outfit featuring Harris, guitarist Harvey Mandel and supporting players that would eventually move on to greener pastures with the likes of Tower Of Power, Richard Greene and John Mayall. Mostly recorded live in Seattle, Choice Cuts manages to capture the group’s unique improvisatory skills in full glory, though… it sank like a stone back in the day. Not an essential release, perhaps, but a fun one for those who miss the rock/jazz/blues experiments of the late 60s/early 70s. PFDA’s version of “Eleanor Rigby” (listen below) will give you an idea. The LP’s opening introduction is a humorous Dylan-esque live tune about Pure Food And Drug Act, Frontby a fellow musician friend. The pic above is the original 1972 artwork, but this 2002 reissue actually sports an updated (and unattractive) new cover that spotlights the individual players involved.