Monday, April 4, 2016

Gato Barbieri - 1974 - Yesterdays

Gato Barbieri 

01. Yesterdays 10:45
02. A John Coltrane Blues 8:17
03. Marnie 7:07
04. Carinoso 10:51

Bass – Ron Carter
Congas – Babafemi
Drums – Bernard Purdie
Electric Piano – George Dalto
Guitar – Paul Metzke
Piano – George Dalto
Tenor Saxophone – Gato Barbieri
Timbales – Raymond Mantilla

I love this CD. Apparently, it was the last of Gato's Flying Dutchman albums (excluding the compilations), but somehow it feels like Gato is trying to take the listener back just a little, to experience, in a retrospective way, his transition from really screechy free jazz to the richly melodic music of Under Fire, Bolivia, and his subsequent releases. Actually, Yesterdays is not all that screechy or chaotic, when compared, for example, to In Search of the Mystery, which preceded the Flying Dutchman albums. Nevertheless, it may be an acquired taste for some. Not having heard much free jazz before I listened to Yesterdays, I initially disliked the screechy parts. But after listening just a few times, I was totally hooked. What I love about this CD is that Gato makes these great transitions in tempo and playing style throughout, as if to take you on a musical and emotional rollercoaster ride. So vibrant is his playing, that you'll feel like he has jumped off the CD and into your living room! I'd give this one six stars if I could.

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