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Frank Zappa - 1979 - Sheik Yerbouti

Frank Zappa
Sheik Yerbouti

01. I Have Been in You [live] (3:33)
02. Flakes [live] (6:41)
03. Broken Hearts Are for Assholes [live] (3:42)
04. I'm So Cute (3:09)
05. Jones Crusher (2:49)
06. What Ever Happened to All the Fun in the... (0:33)
07. Rat Tomago [live] (5:15)
08. Wait a Minute (0:33)
09. Bobby Brown Goes Down [live] (2:49)
10. Rubber Shirt (2:45)
11. The Sheik Yerbouti Tango [live] (3:56)
12. Baby Snakes [live] (1:50)
13. Tryin' to Grow a Chin [live] (3:31)
14. City of Tiny Lites [live] (5:32)
15. Dancin' Fool [live] (3:43)
16. Jewish Princess [live] (3:16)
17. Wild Love [live] (4:09)
18. Yo' Mama [live] (12:36)

Summary: The LP and 2012 CD are the same and sound pretty good; the EMI CD is also decent, although it's hard to find and most reviews suggest that the 2012 CD is superior. All other CDs contained an edited master with major sound-quality problems and are to be avoided.

- Frank Zappa / lead guitar, vocals
- Adrian Belew / rhythm guitar, vocals
- Tommy Mars / keyboards, vocals
- Peter Wolf / keyboards
- Patrick O'Hearn / bass, vocals
- Terry Bozzio / drums, vocals
- Ed Mann & David Ocker / clarinets on "Wild Love"
- Napoleon Murphy Brock, Andre Lewis, Randy Thornton & Davey Moire / background vocals

 This is one of my favourite Zappa albums, mostly because it's filled with comedy and lots of guitar solos. This one just makes me laugh everytime, I know it's one of his more commercial recordings but I can't help myself (haha). Great to hear Adrian Belew as well on vocals and guitar.
As usual Frank is taking shots at people, starting with Peter Frampton's "I'm In You" album(1977) which really sucked by the way. This song "I Have Been In You" is mellow, almost 50's sounding to start with thanks in part to the background vocals. 2 minutes in it sounds more like seventies soft rock. "Flakes" changes styles a few times before it's over. I like the Bob Dylan impersonation including the harmonica. "Broken Hearts Are For Assholes" is uptempo with lots of guitar and it's very funny. I like when the guy shouts 1,2,3,4 purposely in the wrong place. And the word "poop-chute" gets used a lot. "I'm So Cute" features Bozzio on lead vocals. This has a punk flavour to it when he shouts out the lyrics. "Jones Crusher" has Belew on lead vocals this time. Not a fan of this one. "What Ever Happened To All The Fun In The World" is 33 seconds of humour. I like the guy's laugh. "Rat Tomago" is an instrumental with some great raw, aggressive guitar throughout. Incredible. "Wait A Minute" is a short conversation. "Bobby Brown" is just too funny. One of the most hilarious songs i've ever heard.

"Rubber Shirt" has a fat bass solo that was overdubbed in the studio. It sounds pretty amazing anyway, like he's trying out for the position of bass player in MAGMA, or something like that. "The Sheik Yerbouti Tango" features a terrific scorching guitar solo that goes on and on. "Baby Snakes" is an uptempo track with lots of high pitched vocals along with Zappa's singing. "Tryin' To Grow A Chin" has Bozzio on vocals again. He's aggressive and theatrical singing on this one. Xylophone to open this fast paced song. I really like the last minute or more of this one. "City Of Tiny Lights" has Belew back on lead vocals. Some ripping guitar after 2 minutes. "Dancin' Fool" is a classic that i'm sure everybody knows. "Jewish Princess" has some crude lyrics. "Wild Love " has lots of xylophone as well as clarinet later. "Yo' Mamma" is the over 12 minute closer that is dominated by a very long guitar solo in the middle that is huge. Amazing tune. Amazing guitar.

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