Sunday, April 10, 2016

Frank Zappa - 1973 - Over-nite Sensation

Frank Zappa
Over-nite Sensation 

01. Camarillo Brillo (3:59)
02. I'm The Slime (3:34)
03. Dirty Love (2:58)
04. Fifty-Fifty (6:09)
05. Zomby Woof (5:10)
06. Dinah-Moe Humm (6:01)
07. Montana (6:35)

This album was released in 1973.
Initial UK vinyl issues used the distinct UK red DiscReet logo sleeve, with Euro-pressed & labeled disc. UK labeled pressings then quickly followed, with some sleeves over-stickered with artist's name.

"MS" prefixed run-out pressings, of US origin, have a noticeable audio difference to "K" prefixed pressings (UK & Euro) which, in comparison, have the left/right channels swapped.

There is also a significant print difference on center spread of gatefolds. One version simply has 'sepia' & black print, the other has a solid brown/yellow color to the background areas. The two-headed character on the cover is Marty Perellis.

- Frank Zappa / guitar, keyboards, vocals
- Tom Fowler /bass
- Bruce Fowler / trombone
- Ralph Humphrey / drums
- Sal Marquez / trumpet & vocals
- Ruth Underwood / percussion
- Ian Underwood / flute, clarinet, alto & tenor saxophone
- George Duke / keyboards, synthesizer
- Jean-Luc Ponty / violin & baritone violin
- Ricky Lancelotti / vocals
- Kin Vassey / vocals
- Tina Turner & The Ikettes / vocals

All CD versions prior to the 2012 CD added extra digital reverb; the 2012 remaster and the vinyl are both dry (although there are weird stereo-spectrum questions we haven't quite figured out yet). The Zappa Records two-fer with "Apostrophe'" should be avoided, because it contains "bad batch" right-channel problems. Note that the 2012 release on iTunes contains a bonus track that isn't on the actual CD.

 This is the other complete classic and crowd fave Zappa and Mothers (second incarnation) 70's album along with Sheik Yerbouti, outside the Hot Rats series especially in those years. .Indeed, Overnight Sensation is maybe the Zappa album that got the most radio airplay and almost every song is a classic known by a wide public. Coming with an impressive cartoon gatefold artwork, this album is probably the start of a new era for Francesco's Mommies, as after The Grand Wazoo, Frank comes back to a more concise and less ambitious songwriting and lyrics-wise, the humour comes back to the forefront and becomes really smutty and a tad scatological, although there is much worse to come. This album's radio time was mostly due to the request of male sex-hungry teenagers not tiring of Zappa's delirium and lunacy, which is exactly what Frank was hoping for. The Mother's line-up is one of the most impressive with Duke, Ponty, the Underwoods spouses and the Fowler brothers.
's are unaware of tracks like Camarillo Brillo, I'm The Slime, Dirty Love and Dinah Moe Humm, all radio-classics of the 70's, even years after their release. Little surprise that the latter three songs owe much of their fame to the overtly sexual-oriented lyrics that were over-played by post-puberty and under-experienced young males. The lesser-known tracks like Zombi Woof, Montana and Fifty-Fifty are only half successful, which for the latter isn't much surprising, but they don't deface the album's accessibility to a wide public.



  2. Hey,"Montana" is missing from the 2012 version. Great Zappa posts, helping me to catch up on his earlier works, thanks.