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Flo & Eddie - 1983 - The History Of Flo & Eddie And The Turtles

Flo & Eddie 
The History Of Flo & Eddie And The Turtles

01. The Westchester High School Alma Mater
02. Silver Bullet
03. I Get Out Of Breath
04. Outside Chance
05. Grim Reaper Of Love
06. Lady-O
07. Turtle Hits Medley
08. Happy Together (Live)
09. Goodbye Surprise
10. There You Sit Lonely
11. We Ain't Gonna Party No More
12. The Flo & Eddie Theme
13. Feel Older Now
14. Nikki Hoi
15. I've Been Born Again
16. Best Part Of Breaking Up
17. Another Pop Star's Life
18. Just Another Town
19. Afterglow
20. You're A Lady
21. Marmendy Mill
22. Illegal, Immoral And Fattening
23. Rebecca
24. Let Me Make Love To You
25. Mama, Open Up
26. Keep It Warm
27. Moving Targets
The Flo & Eddie Radio Show" Featuring:
28. Flo & Eddie By The Fireside (Radio Theme)
29. The Big Showdown
30. This Could Be The Day
31. Good Duck
32. Medley #1
33. The Flo & Eddie Show
The Flo & Eddie Radio Show" Featuring:
34. Getaway (Back To L.A.)
35. Livin' In The Jungle
36. Youth In Asia
37. Medley #2
38. Closing Theme

Never issued on CD, Rhino’s 1983 3LP collection, The History Of Flo & Eddie And The Turtles, is a fun collection of near-hits, misses, oddities and rarities… not to mention some excerpts from Mark Volman & Howard Kaylan’s beloved, and quite manic, 1970s radio show. The bulk of the material here comes from Flo & Eddie’s four albums for Reprise & Columbia, The Phlorescent Leech & Eddie (1972), Flo & Eddie (1974), Illegal, Immoral And Fattening (1975) and Moving Targets (1976), which have historically been treasured by fans, but largely ignored by the masses. This set kicks off with a 1963 high school recording of Mark and Howie’s class “Alma Mater,” before segueing into one of the early, regional surf hits they cut as The Crossfires (the group that would later morph into The Turtles). Rather than a cursory “best-of,” this set shuns many hits in favor of more esoteric Turtles material like “I Get Out Of Breath” (slated, but canned as a single), “We Ain’t Gonna Party No More” (from 1970’s Wooden Head) and live stuff from TV and radio (“Happy Together” comes from The BBC). There are also a few time capsule radio commercials for Battle Of The Bands, Pepsi Cola and Turtle Soup included. Sides 5 & 6 are sub-titled “The Flo & Eddie Show,” but, in reality, this is only a number of interview excerpts sandwiched between some of Flo & Eddie’s rarest studio material; including songs from the 1974 animated movie, Dirty Duck (“This Could Be The Day,” “Good Duck,” and “Livin’ In The Jungle”), and 1978’s Texas Detour (with their “Born To Run” rip/parody/homage, “The Big Showdown,” and “Getaway (Back To L.A.)”). The radio show excerpts are great fun – featuring Albert Brooks, Alice Cooper, Keith Moon, David Bowie, T-Rex, Ringo Starr, Harry Nilsson, Iggy Pop, members of ELO & The Move, Lou Reed and America – but their brevity only makes you pine for the lengthy original broadcasts that the two representative ‘medleys’ of the show’s cut-and-paste madness only hint at. Marc Bolan even performs an original Flo & Eddie theme song. I neglected to fawn over one of Flo & Eddie’s greatest recordings, a shoulda-been-a-‘big-hit-record’-if-there-ever-was-one, the Turtles-throwback, “Let Me Make Love To You.”

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