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Don 'Sugar Cane' Harris - 1971 - Fiddler On The Rock

Don 'Sugar Cane' Harris
Fiddler On The Rock

01. Eleanor Rigby 9:36
02. I'm Gonna Miss You 4:50
03. The Buzzard's Cousin 6:05
04. The Pig's Eye 6:31
05. So Alone 7:06
06. No Inspiration 4:00

07. 'Till The Day I Die 7:08
08. Little Soul Food 4:12
09. What Comes Around Goes Around 4:03
10. Eleanor Rigby 4:21
11. My Soul's On Fire 11:51

First edition comes in a gatefold cover, wears the red centerlabel showing MPS- & BASF-brand.

Track 1-6:
"Studio Recording, Villingen, Germany, February 1971".

Track 7-11 (Bonus Tracks):
"Live Concert Recording, The Fresh Air Tavern, Seattle, Washington, 1972".
(as the Pure Food And Drug Act)

Bass – Larry Taylor
Drums – Paul Lagos
Guitar – Harvey Mandel
Violin, Vocals – Don 'Sugarcane' Harris

Solid jazzfunk from Harris with a tad of bluesy soul added into the bargain. Beyond the almost hilariously funked up version of Eleanor Rigby there's no real stand out track but the solid grooves are irresistible, the rhythm sections are really high in the mix. The violin (or is it a fiddle) is frenetic and fantastic.
great funk/jazz/fusion/rock from one of the most underrated musicians of the 1960's/'70's.
loved Harris' work with Zappa, and if you dug that, you'll like this too.

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