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Bi Kyo Ran - 1994 - Live Volume 3 - Ran

Bi Kyo Ran 
Live Volume 3 - Ran

01. Kyo Part 1 (Psycho Part 1)
02. Keikoku (Warning)
03. Kumikyoku Ran (Suite Ran)
04. Nijuujinkaku (Double)

- Masaaki Nagasawa / drums, Solina strings, Mellotron
- Masahide Shiratori / bass, acoustic guitar
- Kunio Suma / guitar, Mellotron, vocals

This was recorded live in March,1983 at the "Bourbon House" in Osaka, Japan.This KING CRIMSON inspired trio blaze a trail of fire here but they also contrast these fiery passages with some laid back sections. Mellotron is played by two of the members here. I have to say that this "sounds" really good. The sub woofer really gets a workout with this album cranked up, and of course those angular, Fripp inspired guitar melodies are all over this recording. I love when they just jam, in fact they really stretch out these tunes as 3 of the 4 are all over 16 minutes in length.
"Psycho Part I" is the short opening tune at 3 1/2 minutes. It opens with a great sound of bass and drums while the guitar just plays along until taking the spotlight before a minute with some angular melodies. This all sounds so good. "Warning" is from their debut album and it opens with mellotron and solina strings. Vocals after a minute. I like the laid back guitar here. Mellotron continues. It kicks in after 7 minutes. Here we go ! Deep bass and angular guitar, and check out the drumming ! Sounds like vibes or some sort of percussion before 10 1/2 minutes with vocal melodies as it settles right down. Heavy drums and bass before 15 minutes, and the guitar joins in too for a killer finish. Nice.

"Suite Ran" is from their "Parallax" album. Lots of drums, bass, guitar and noise until we get a groove going after 3 minutes.This is fantastic ! Love the drums after 5 1/2 minutes as it settles somewhat. Fat bass lines here too. It settles down after 15 minutes before we get the big finish. "Double" is from their debut album. I have always liked this tune.The heaviness and bass are incredible. Vocals before a minutes.It settles before 3 minutes and mellotron rolls in a minute later.Tasteful guitar 4 1/2 minutes in. Later it gets chaotic before they jam for quite a while.

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