Saturday, April 16, 2016

Ain Soph - 2007 - Studio Live Tracks '80s and '05

Ain Soph 
Studio Live Tracks '80s and '05

01. Flight (2:13)
02. Oddessa (10:32)
03. Pipe Dream (7:37)
04. Swanlake (5:25)
05. Magic Carpet (7:26)
06. Hat And Field (10:02)
07. Natural Selection (7:13)
08. Triple Sequence (7:45)

Total Time: 58:17

Track 1 to 5: recorded January 1985 - September 1986 at studio K, Osaka.
Track 6, 7: recorded June 27, 1988 at Muse Hall, Osaka.
Track 8: recorded May 19, 2005 at studio Fulie, Osaka.

Original studio recordings of track 3 to 6 in CD "Hat and Field".
Original studio recordings of track 7 in CD "A Story of Mysterious Forest".
No original studio recordings of track 1, 2, 8.
Track 8 is the first version of new Ain Soph's brand new tune.

This first release by Japanese band Ain Soph since the mid 90's is an interesting affair; at least for fans of this group.
7 tracks recorded in the 80's and one recorded in 2005, all of them live in the studio, will always add new dimensions to tunes familiar to the band's followers. And that the new recording is a new song will of course be of high interest for any fan.

The old numbers performed here comes as fusion in style, heavily spiced with symphonic keyboard layers very much like Camel in style. Some folk influences are to be found too, but the fusion style and symphonic additions are the dominating elements here.

The new tune takes on a more distinct fusion style; the keyboards on this tune underscoring the tune rather than dominating; the symphonic keyboard layers for the most part replaced with saxophone in the soundscape.

The tunes as such doesn't come across as very interesting though. Too repetitive for my personal taste, and lacking in nerve and tension. Still, fans of early Camel may find this release interesting, as well as fans of symphonic rock from the 70's in general. In particular those of them also listening to fusion, as well as appreciating skilled musicianship.



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