Thursday, April 7, 2016

A La Ping Pong - 1980 - Extrem Musik A La Ping Pong Phase 1

A La Ping Pong 
Extrem Musik A La Ping Pong Phase 1

01. Waidmannsheil?
02. Nordlaut 1
03. Edelweiß für
04. Nordlaut 3
05. Morgenstern-Abendstern
06. Zartbitter

Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Bells, Gong, Electronics [Ping Pong System], Electronic Drums, Voice – Klaus Bloch
Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Gong – Matthias Roman
Electric Guitar, Gong – Thomas Wasiliszczak

Recorded at Studio Paradiso Feb. - July 1980. Mixed in September. Nordlaut 1 + 3 recorded live by Spektakel '80.

These rare electronic releases contain atmospheres ala Manuel Goettsching / Günter Schickert coupled with Cluster / Harmonia-like touches.
This is fascinating, one of the more stylistically unique albums I've heard in a while. One part weird ambient electronics ala Kraftwerk, one part keyboard drone of Pink Floyd circa "Wish You Were Here", and one part minimalist electronics ala Manuel Gottsching. It floats along rather gently but isn't background music, it's creative and challenging and off-kilter enough to keep your attention in place.



  2. The first few minutes on YT sound a lot like Fripp and Eno.