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1860 Band - 1978 - 1860 Band

1860 Band 
1860 Band

01. Us
02. Keep That Same Old Feeling
03. Von Tempsky
04. Fire & Rain
05. That's The Kind Of Love I've Got For You
06. California Dreaming
07. Porky
08. Adopted

Peter Blake (keyboards)
Rodger Fox (trombone)
Geoff Culverwell (trumpet)
Dave Pearson (bass)
Billy Brown (drums)

The 1860 Band were named after the 1860 Tavern in Wellington, where they were the Saturday afternoon resident act. Formed by Rodger Fox (The Rodger Fox Big Band, Quincy Conserve) the band also included Dave Pearson and other Quincy Conserve members Peter Blake, Billy Brown, Geoff Culverwell and Martin Winch (Espresso Guitar).

Formed from the chain-smoked ashes of Wellington’s Quincy Conserve, Malcolm Hayman’s unofficial training academy for session and touring pros, The 1860 Band killed off its parent group when it proved the more popular of the two with pub patrons.
While Hayman receded into ill-health and obscurity with Captain Custard, The 1860 Band – whose name was imaginatively taken from the Lambton Quay tavern at which it held an extended Saturday afternoon residency – kept drinkers happy with a selection of jazz, funk and disco grooves, culminating in the release of their self-titled 1978 debut and swansong, now a sought-after item by rare groove hunters.

More notable for its stellar line-up than for musical achievements, the ensemble was led by trombonist and conductor Rodger Fox who, shortly after the album release, took several members on to the rather more prestigious Rodger Fox Big Band.

Keyboardist Peter Blake went on to write and perform synth-based television theme tunes that etched themselves into the minds of a generation. The guitar and bass playing brothers Martin and Rob Winch (formerly of Auckland jazz-fusion band Dr Tree and rock band Tamburlaine, respectively) carved out a niche as successful session guys and jingle writers before their untimely deaths in 2011 and 2012.

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