Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Toto Blanke - 1976 - Electric Circus

Toto Blanke
Electric Circus

01. PPG 6:06
02. Flowers All Over 6:16
03. Arabab 5:52
04. Minister Ed 7:37
05. Song For Zeenat 3:59
06. Spiesser Krollak 4:32
07. Spinner 2:03

Bass – Dave King (tracks: A2 to B2)
Drums, Percussion – Edward Vesala (tracks: A1 to B3)
Keyboards – Jasper Van't Hof (tracks: A1 to B3)
Guitar, Bass [Moog], Banjo – Toto Blanke

Remixed July, 1976 at Studio Maschen.

Guitarist in the German-Dutch avant-jazz band Association PC, achieving fame as one of the most dazzling fusion guitarists in Europe. As soloist, group leader, and Electric Circus, he's been prolific and varied. From fiery fusion akin to Mahavishnu Orchestra, via spacey Dauner territoty and some weirdo jazz Heldon diversions, onto FOOL'S PARADISE, which does its utmost best to defy description! Toto also works with Czech jazz guitarist Rudolf Dasek, doing classical jazz.

With Vesala on drums, Jasper Vant Hof on keyboards (and with very unique sounds - all analog) and the 'Mahavishnu era Mclaughling' influenced Toto Blanke you get one hell of a dynamic trio. All the pieces seem to have been constructed around the analog keyboard (some tremendous sequencer drenched pieces!) and although the jazz element is always present there is also a strong progressive and mid 70s fusion style. Don't let the 'fusion' word scare you as here that is precisely what gives this record a strong original sound (rather than coming up with yet another Mahavishnu, Return to Forever or Weather Report copy). For example, Toto plays the mandolin on one piece and is one of the most memorable solos of the album. Also, Vant Hof really shines in his soloing and sounds picked. Vesala is, as always, just the perfect poly rhythmic drummer capable of monster grooves too. If you like melodic yet experimental fusion or like Krautrock at it's most creative than download this baby now! you won't regret it!



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