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The Mothers Of Invention - 1969 - We Are The Mothers, And this Is How We Sound

The Mothers Of Invention
We Are The Mothers, And this Is How We Sound

01. Lost In A Whirlpool
02. The Blackouts
03. Ronnie Sings?
04. Kenny's Booger Story
05. Ronnie's Booger Story
06. Booger Freaks Of America
07. Anyway The Wind Blows
08. Fountain Of Love
09. Opus 5
10. Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance
11. Hey Nelda
12. Mothers At KPFK
13. Lowell George Whips It Out
14. Right There
15. Kung Fu #1
16. Igor's Boogie/Little Doo-Wop
17. Bunk Gardner Whips It Out
18. Studio Piece

This is believed to be one of the LP's from the unreleased 12-LP Mothers box. This fake Bizarre boot LP is the best of all the bootlegged versions. It is not a mere knockoff of the earlier boot "Necessity Is...". It's from a different source and far superior sounding. All bootlegs of this unreleased LP have the sides reversed for some reason. I have presented them here in the correct order. Side B is early Zappa material, which has mostly been released on "The Lost Episodes" (though it has been heavily processed there). Side A was recorded in 1968-69 and parts have been released on "Mystery Disc", "YCDTOSA 5", "Weasels Ripped My Flesh" (CD Version) and "Ahead of Their Time". Tracks 06, 13, 16, 18 are totally unreleased. A few other tracks are extended edits with more material than the official release. Most of Side B is mono...the rest is true stereo. I don't think "Hey Nelda" is really a "bonus track" as it is listed on the Zappa Patio. I haven't seen any proof of that. It is from the same source as the songs that preceed it...not as though someone dubbed it from vinyl and tacked it on.

"We Are the Mothers" is definitely the same as "Mothers at KPFK", no edits at all. "Right There" is the Mystery Disc version ["Skweezit Skweezit Skweezit"], with about 40 seconds of the Stage #5 version tacked on the end. "The Jelly", I am VERY sure, is the same as the last 2 or so minutes of "Didja Get Any Onya?" from Weasels Ripped My Flesh (only on the CD). I listened to both simultaneously and am convinced that it's the same performance. (If I'm right, this also would bear on [the bootleg] Apocrypha.) [It actually goes on for slightly longer - see below; Ed.] "Igor's Boogie" actually contains a large chunk of "King Kong" from Ahead of Their Time. From about 01:30 to about 05:00 in "Igor's Boogie", you get the blamph! that put an end to Motorhead's shenanigans at about 02:50 on Ahead of Their Time, then Bunk's or Ian's sax solo from around 04:30 to 07:00.

Ronny and Kenny's booger stories on The Lost Episodes are both part of "The Story of Kenny & Ronny. "Booger Freaks of America" is an interview between Zappa (I think it's Frank) and someone named Leonard:

LEONARD: Well, it's an organization, the Booger Freaks of America, and I belong. It was started by a bunch of those fellows that found out that they couldn't kick their habit. And we'd find that no matter what we did, we'd - eventually, we'd turn to picking our nose and flipping it. That was a booger freak. A booger freak is someone that [inaudible]. I belong to that group.
ZAPPA?: Leonard, I'd wish you'd tell us ...
LEONARD: Yeah, man?
ZAPPA: What are you doing to overcome this habit?
LEONARD: Well, I ... this is my second time back in the BA, Booger Freaks of America. I, uh, I was out, I was clean, man. I had the mucus off my back. I was - I was really making it. I went to Hawaii and I was playing a couple gigs over there.
ZAPPA?: Right.
LEONARD: I just fell right back into it, man.
ZAPPA?: What are your plans for the future, Leonard?
LEONARD: 'Scuse me, I think I got a hold of one right now, baby ... wait a minute ... lemme get it ... got it now. You mind if I wipe it on your coat or something, man?

"Igor's Boogie" is a live version, probably from the same show as "The Jelly". Most of side 2 has been officially released on the Lost Episodes: "Do It in C" is "Ronnie Sings?". "Opus 5" is a different edit here, starting 70-80 seconds before the official version and ending some 45 seconds earlier.

This album has been bootlegged as Necessity Is ..., Rustic Protrusion and We Are the Mothers & This Is What We Sound Like!. The bootleg versions have a bonus track: "Hey Nelda" by "Ned & Nelda" - see Zappa's single discography for more info. Tracks 2-5 also appear as bonus tracks on a CD re-issue of the bootleg 'Tis the Season to Be Jelly and the Live USA re-issue of the bootleg The Ark - track 2, "This Is What We Sound Like", is listed there as "We Are the Mothers & This Is What We Sound Like", even though the "We Are the Mothers" track is not included.)

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