Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Sincerely P.T. - 1972 - Sincerely P.T.

Sincerely P.T.
Sincerely P.T.

01. Fresh Air, Where 6:44
02. I Will Give You All My Love 8:23
03. Line 7:43
04. Rolling Machine 6:26
05. Soft Hands Had The Rain 6:27
06. Cheops 6:06
07. Buy, Buy, Buy And Buy, Why? 4:57

Peter Trunk - bass guitar
Manfred Schoof - trumpet
Shake Keane - fluegelhorn
Jasper van t'Hoff - keyboards
Jiggs Whigham - trombone
Sigfried Schwab - guitar, tarang
Curt Cress - drums
Joe Nay - drums, percussion

Recorded at Studio 70, Munich

A supersession jazz-fusion big band, fronted by pioneering jazz bassist Peter Trunk (born in Frankfurt-am-Main, 17/5/1936), a veteran of the Frankfurt jazz scene.
According to the LP's cover notes Peter Trunk's aim was to twist the rock format into something different by using jazz instruments and jazz improvisation. This album is what persuaded Curt Cress to move from rock to jazz, in that he saw jazz-fusion as opening many new possibilities. As with other Conny Plank Aamok productions it's a highly original music full creativity, notable for talents like Jasper van't Hof and Sigi Schwab.
Peter Trunk died shortly after the LP was released, in a traffic accident, in New York, USA (31/12/1973).

What an interesting album. Starts out in typical Euro jazz territory with some soft Rhodes and horns but gets freakier and freakier as it goes. Plenty of wiggy fuzz keys and exotic stringed instruments. The P.T. stands for Peter Trunk (who plays bass) and he surrounds himself with an all-star cast of underground Kraut jazzers including Sigi Schwab on guitar (Vampyros Lesbos, Embryo), Jasper Van't Hof (Pork Pie) on keys and Curt Cress on drums amongst many others. I'd say Schwab has the most influence here musically speaking. Finds the middle ground between horn rock, Krautrock and Euro fusion. Good one, the type of album that one would normally find on MPS.