Friday, March 4, 2016

Osamu Kitajima - 1977 - Osamu

Osamu Kitajima

01. Sui-In 1:03
02. Frost Flowers 5:24
03. Hear The Rain, See It Fall 6:03
04. Endless Steps 3:52
05. Yesterday And Karma 4:59
06. Purple Hills And Crystal Streams 6:11
07. Elemental Spirits 5:22
08. Fur, Fin And Feather 7:11
09. Sui-Yo 1:30

Osamu Kitajima: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, koto, biwa, vocals, composer, arrangements
John Hug: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin, arrangements
Brian Whitcomb: fender rhodes, organ, Clavinet, synthesizer, Chamberlin, string ensemble, arrangements
Geoffrey Hales: drums, percussion, arrangements
Dennis Belfield: electric bass, acoustic bass, arrangements
Tatsuya Sano: shakuhachi, nohkan, arrangements
George Marinelli: electric guitar, arrangements
Minnie Riperton: vocals

A similar approach to ethnic folk/progressive folk fusion as his earlier recording, but there is less emphasis on modern prog, and more on the traditional aspect here.

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