Thursday, March 3, 2016

Faust - 2010 - Faust Is Last

Faust Is Last

CD1 (Faust A)
1. Brumm Und Blech (2:24)
2. Imperial Lover (4:22)
3. Feed The Greed (5:05)
4. Chrome (2:46)
5. Soft Prunes (2:41)
6. Nachtfahrt (2:21)
7. Hit Me (3:41)
8. Dolls And Brawls (1:37)
9. Drug Wipe (5:22)
10. Steinbrand (5:21)
11. I Don't Buy Your Shit No More (2:00)
12. Babylon (4:22)
13. X-Ray (3:34)
14. Cluster Fur Cluster (0:29)
15. Day Out (2:45)

CD2 (Faust Z)
1. Karneval (7:32)
2. Ozean (5:19)
3. SofTone (5:10)
4. In But Out (7:49)
5. GhosTrain (4:35)
6. Vorubergehen (7:57)
7. Primitivelona (6:57)

- Werner 'Zappi' Diermaier /drums
-Jean-Herve Peron / bass, vocals
- HJ (Jochen) Irmler / organ,electronics
- Steven Wray Lobdell / guitar
- Michael Stoll / bass
- Lars Paukstat / percussion,vocals
- Jan Fride / drums

- Ingo Vauk / Bass, editing, arranging (CD 1, tracks 1-3)
- Z'EV / Transforms (CD 2, tracks 1, 3-7)
- Alfred Harth / Saxophone (CD 1, track 13)
- Alexandra Von Bolz'n / Extreme vocals (CD 2, all tracks)

Wow! I almost forgot such kind of music could be played not from archive releases! Faust released 2 CD long album,full of fresh and energetic krautrock, deeply rooted in early 70-s, but with refreshed sound.
Mostly instrumental album (still contains some vocals compositions) is noisy,ambient, repetitive in moments,psychedelic - but first of all its sound very fresh and never boring (what isn't easy for such long release with big amount of instrumental music)! First CD is a home for shorter almost instrumental only compositions with quite relaxed psychedelic improv sound, the second - longer and much noisier improvs with few different vocals, by its atmosphere (and sometimes even directly) similar to some early freaky Cpt.Beafheart's works.Strongest impression reminded after album's listening - I can hardly remember another release so filled with distorted instruments sounds! Yes, it's krautrock, and I didn't expected clear sounds, but level of distortion is over all my expectations! And it works - for sure it strongly depends on personal taste, but for me this music was a fresh air breath on nowadays experimental scene.It's great both 2 CDa are quite different between each other, but are important parts of the album - without any of them album wouldn't be the same for sure!

Free jazz sax, ambient sounds, electric guitars soloing, vibrating bass, jazzy and tribal drumming, noisy and very psychedelic atmosphere - this album isn't just collection of songs, it's a great piece of art in whole! By its scale this release reminded me the time when Pink Floyd's albums were each such piece of art.

After some listening this album growth in me, and I believe I will need to listen it more and more. One of greatest surprise of 2010!



  2. Oh darn it, after that great write up filefactory says it's not available and needs to be reuped. btw, this is really a wonderful blog with lots of great music and your reviews are top notch too. - Al E.