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Faust - 2007 - ...In Autumn

...In Autumn

101. Intro (2:19)
102. Zoe And Fish (11:27)
103. Pain (5:53)
104. Not Music (5:05)
105. Skin Head (3:46)
106. Car & TV (7:41)
107. Rund Ist Schön (4:03)
108. Men From The Moon (3:19)
109. La Taupe (9:48)
110. Pas De Mode (7:33)

201. Chromatic (6:05)
202. Voices & Horns (9:51)
203. Caruso (5:34)
204. Metronom (5:19)
205. Slide (10:38)
206. Schempal (8:17)
207. Rainy Day (8:57)

301. Intro & Rainy Day (London - Metro) (7:23)
302. Baby Is Blue (Hammersmith Palais) (9:17)
303. It´s A Bit Of Pain (Bangor - Hendre Hall) (6:16)
304. This Is Not Music (London - Metro) (5:28)
305. Chromatic (London - Metro) (4:59)
306. Rund Ist Schön (London - Metro) (2:21)
307. Pas De Mode (Bangor - Hendre Hall) (5:59)
308. Could You Please Tell Me If I Am In My Bedroom (Brighton - Old Market) (5:03)
309. Plus Rien (Brighton - Old Market) (3:03)
310. Rondo In The Kitchen (Bangor - Hendre Hall) (7:06)
311. J´ai Mai Aux Dents (Bangor - Hendre Hall) (5:41)
312. Quand Je Suis Sur Le Rivage (Hammersmith Palace) (5:33)
313. Slide (Hammersmith Palais) (6:29)
314. Men From The Moon (London - Metro) (4:27)

- Jean-Hervé Péron / bass, guitars, vocals
- Werner Diermaier / drums, percussion, voice
- Amaury Cambuzat / guitars, keyboards
- Olivier Manchion / bass, guitars

Additional musicans:
- Geoff Leigh / voice, sax
- Lucianne Lasselle / voice

Releases information
3CD/DVD Dirter Promotions DPROMCD59
Live recordings from the band's 'Faust in Autumn/Perfidious Albion' 2005 tour
CD1 and CD2 are live recordings at Newcastle Carling Academy, 8th Nov 2005
Four disc set (three CDs + PAL/Region 2 DVD) recorded during the Krautrock legends' UK tour in 2006. This fantastic box set captures the band at their best, performing songs spanning their entire career. The first two CDs feature a complete unedited show from the Carling Academy, Newcastle. Disc Three contains highlights from other shows on the same tour. The DVD features only the best moments from the tour, hailed by many as the best since their 1992 reformation. Includes 32 page booklet and notes from Jean-Herve Peron. Dirter. 2007.

Sure waited long enough to land down a copy of this Faust 3-CD / DVD box set. At this time, one should have no problem(s) finding a new, or a use copy for right around the $25 price. Discs 1 and 2 run for an hour-and-forty-five minutes as you take in a live Faust concert that took place on November 8, 2005 at the Carling Academy in Newcastle, UK. Tunes I found most astounding were the eleven-minute "Fish", "Skin Head", "La Taupe", the ten-minute epic "Voices And Horns" (where does this song originate from?), "Slide" and the irresistible encore "Rainy Day". Disc 3 features fourteen various & assorted audio selections from the very same Faust tour. Couple of the note worthy tracks are the incredible-sounding "Baby Is Blue", the noisy-attacking "This Is Not Music" [you think?] and "Rondo In The Kitchen". So, in reality, you could say - that 'In Autumn' is essentially a Faust scrap book from their UK, 2005 trek. I wish more bands would do this. The DVD is made up of fifteen Faust videos. Nice, but I think that I definitely got the most out of the Newcastle gig on discs 1 and 2. Box set comes with a thick 32-page booklet, packed with lots of rare photos and liner notes. A must-have.

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