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Faust - 1996 - You Know Faust

You Know Faust

01. Hurricane (4:15)
02. Tenne Laufen (0:14)
03. C Pluus (7:03)
04. Irons (0:21)
05. Cendre (2:02)
06. Sixty Sixty (2:53)
07. Winds (0:31)
08. Liebeswehen (4:52)
09. Elektron 2 (1:10)
10. Ella (1:59)
11. Men From the Moon (1:59)
12. Der Pfad (0:55)
13. Noizes From Pythagoras (0:33)
14. Na Sowas (14:31)
15. L'Oiseau (2:53)
16. Huttenfreak (0:31)
17. Teutonen Tango (6:59)

- Hans Joachim Irmler / organ, electronics
- Thomas E. Martin / guitar
- Jean Hervé Peron / bass, vocals
- Werner Diermeir / drums

"You Know FaUSt" was released in 1997 and it carries on their seventies tradition of making a lot of freaking noise while at the same time showing they know how to compose somewhat normal music. Experimental is the word though when it comes to this band and certainly innovative is another word that comes to mind. These guys have been a huge influence in the world of music.
"Hurricane" begins with yelling before we get this heavy beat with clashing cymbals. It stops after 3 minutes then kicks in again quickly. "Tenne Laufen" is a brief sample of someone running and other noises. "C Pluus" has what sounds like a faint heart-beat then a more prominant beat takes over with bass and organ. Guitar and horns after 2 1/2 minutes. Nice. The abrasive guitar after 4 minutes comes and goes. "Irons" sounds like iron pipes banging into one another. "Cendre" has this acoustic guitar that builds. Beautiful stuff. "Sixty Sixty" has strummed guitar and spoken words then percussion joins in. Cool sound. "Winds" is another short piece with banging sounds and a disturbing atmosphere. "Liebeswahen" opens with percussion and cymbals as the guitar joins in then experimental sounds. Insanity 2 1/2 minutes in ! Keyboards too. Nasty !

"Elektron" has this high pitched noise that pretty much blew out my left ear-drum. It does stop but the pain continues. Pulsating sounds take over to end it. "Ella" has these abrasive riffs then a cool sounding beat takes over a minute in. "Men From The Moon" sounds like a music box at first then the vocals join in with a beat. This is almost Kevin Ayers-like. Horns then operatic vocals too. "Der Pfad" is keys and a beat before the horns come blasting in. "Noizes From Pythagoras" is again short with atmosphere and what sounds like a typewriter. "Na Sowas" opens with drums and noise. It does settle back as we get some yelling thrown in at times. A calm before 5 minutes. A beat with vocals starts to rise up. A deep noise before 9 minutes as the beat with vocals stops. "L'oiseau" has a beautiful atmosphere as the keys join in. "Huttonfreak" is a short vocal expression piece. "Teutonen Tango" is spoken words at first then a beat with noise joins in. Vocals are yelling at times. There's two of them as well.

Well if you know FAUST you'll know what to expect. Another challenging and innovative recording.

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