Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Faust - 1996 - Untitled


01. Not Nearest By (5:37)
02. Komm Mit (4:19)
03. Sad Skin Two (2:32)
04. A 70's Event (11:49)
05. Expecting S. in Love (3:14)
06. Fastened 60/60 (1:15)

 Werner Diermeier / drums
- Hans-Joachim Irmler / organ
- Jean-Hervé Peron / bass
- Gunter Wüsthoff / synthesiser, saxophone
- Rudolf Sosna / guitar, keyboards

First release on Faust's Klangbad label.

Limited edition of 1000 copies.
Edition for the 25th anniversary.
Contains unpublished and remixed material from 1971/72/73 (#1, 2 & 3), two live songs (#3 & 4), as well as two completely new songs (#5 & 6).

Track 1 written 1972; remixed 1996.
Track 2 written 1971; remixed 1996.
Track 3 written 1973; live performed 1974; remixed 1996.
Track 4 written 1974; live performed 1995; remixed 1996.
Tracks 5 and 6 written and performed in 1996.



  2. I like Faust. You are crazy collector. Peace.

  3. There is one Faust song (It's a Rainy Day Sunshine Girl) that always makes me smile and one that always brings a tear to my eye. Here is Jean-Herve Peron's explanation of the track Fastened 60/60:

    "We were actually finished with all recordings of "you know faUSt", the song called "go go" (would later become 60 60 due to an error of reading the notes: go go is just lke 60-60 just upside down, me afterward, called the song "mimi", our dog who got shot by some fascist-hunter because he loved to run in the grass, just for the sake of running....) was done and I loved it. It reminded me of the slapp happy days, you know how i like 'songs', and then I came with the idea of having words on it, so i drove to Lutz (Lutz Vogelsang, the ever-so-good sound engineer who recorded the whole album) in the next village and I told him my desire. He immediately found the song on his computer, had a mike set up in his small livingroom and said "ready! you can sing". Oh! I realized then that I did not have a clue about what to sing, so I sat (yes i did not stand) in front of the mike and I sang my very true thoughts, I pushed the first words: allez vas-y, droit devant!" (Come on! Go! Straight ahead!) and then I do not know what happened, I could hear the words clearly in my head as if someone would dictate them to me. I know it sounds ridiculous but I dont care. I did not write the lyrics, they came onto me, all, clearly displayed. It was no effort, no interuption between the verses, no hurry, no fear to loose contact, I was running alongside my departed dog, I was a dog. I wept as the song ended and felt like an empty bag, felt his soul vanishing."