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Coxhill, Curbois, Van't Hof - 1972 - Toverball Sweet

Coxhill, Curbois, Van't Hof 
Toverball Sweet

01. Five To Four 6:43
02. Clompen Stomp 0:25
03. Spirit Of Maasluis 0:04
04. Association 2:59
05. Or Alternatively Nine 3:18
06. One To Three 1:38
07. P.C. One 0:21
08. Toverbal 2:22
09. Toverbal Sweet 12:04
10. Jasper And Out 4:58
11. The Un-Tempered Klavier And Heavy Friends 5:54
12. Toverbal Revisited (Bonus Track)    19:41

Drums, Percussion – Pierre Courbois
Electric Piano, Piano – Jasper Van't Hof
Soprano Saxophone – Lol Coxhill

Music was recorded during a concert at "De Toverbal" in Maasluis, May 4th, 1971
Originally released on vinyl by Mushroom Records in 1972.

The second of innumerable albums released by soprano sax master Lol Coxhill during his lifetime (he sadly passed away earlier this year), Toverbal Sweet arrived on the heels of Coxhill's tenure in two key Canterbury concerns, Delivery and Kevin Ayers And The Whole World. This trio outing finds him paired with one half of Nurse With Wound-listers Association PC in the form of keyboardist Jasper Van't Hof (also of Pork Pie and Electric Circus) and drummer Pierre Courbois, who'd previously been mixing it up with Gunter Hampel, Manfred Schoof and Alexander Von Schlippenbach in Hampel's Heartplants group. The live recording quality here is a mite rough (in keeping with Coxhill's warts and all DIY approach heard on his debut solo Ear Of The Beholder), but the glow generated by this inspired trifecta quickly renders such concerns moot, with the arc, swoop and drunken list of Lol's delicately shaded soprano statements snaking through and spiraling out from the wily and invigoratingly raw thrust and parry generated by Van't Hof's insistent vamping and Courbois' Robert Wyatt-like rhythmic attack.

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