Sunday, February 14, 2016

Tee & Company - 1978 - Dragon Garden

Tee & Company
Dragon Garden

01. Dragon Garden
02. Our Foolish
03. Mort
04. End Of November

Kenji Mori — flute, alto flute, bass clarinet
Takao Uematsu — tenor saxophone
Masaru Imada — electric piano
Masayuki Takayanagi — electric guitar
Nobuyoshi Ino — acoustic & electric basses, cello
Hideto Kanai — acoustic & electric basses, maracas
Hiroshi Murakami — drums, snare drum, bass tom-tom
Yuji Imamura — percussion

Sounds beyond compare – one of those really special 70s sessions from the Japanese Three Blind Mice label – put together in a way that almost seems to be a genre unto itself! The group here have a keen understanding of advances in free jazz and fusion, but work with a deeper spiritual undercurrent and a great sense of sound (shaped by producer Takashi "Tee" Fujii) – so that their individual instrumental elements flow together in rich new ways that are sometimes subtle, sometimes quite righteous! The lineup shifts a bit from track to track – and the set features xcellent work on flute and bass clarinet from Kenji Mori, electric piano from Masaru Imada, tenor from Takao Uematsu, and bass and cello from Nobuyoshi Ino. Titles include "End Of November", "Mort", "Our Foolish", and "Dragon Garden".

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