Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sway - 1973 - Sway


01. Sway
02. Bartokiana
03. Mad
04. Sweeten
05. Canon

Sante Palumbo — piano, electric piano
Hugo Heredia — alto/tenor saxophones, flute
Sergio Farina — guitar
Marco Ratti — bass, double bass
Lino Liguori — drums, percussion

Led by pianist Sante Palumbo, Sway is an excellent album heavily influenced by early 70s Miles Davis, even without the presence of trumpet. Throughout, the album features wah wah guitar rhythms and tribal drumming. The first side is a bit looser, with some shrieky sax, drum solos and some piano noise bits. But Side 2 contains 'Mad' which is absolutely sublime. The sax is traded in for flute, there's an actual melody line carried throughout, and the guitar fuzzes out some wonderful solos. CPT (Cipiti) is the same label that released the rare debut by Le Groupe X.

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