Sunday, February 14, 2016

Solis Lacus - 1975 - Solis Lacus

Solis Lacus
Solis Lacus

01. Utopic Cities
02. Peace Please
03. Open Air
04. Little Green Man
05. Sea Of Tranquillity
06. Remake

- Richard Rousselet / trumpet, flugelhorn, percussion
- Robert Jeanne / tenor & soprano saxophone
- Michel Herr / piano, Fender Rhodes electric piano
- Nick Kletchkovsky / electric bass
- Bruno Castellucci / drums, percussion (1,3,4,5)
- Félix Simtaine / drums (2,6)

SOLIS LACUS was the first group that that featured renowned Belgian pianist Michel HERR and the group shared members Richard ROUSSELE and Nicolas KLETCHKWOWSKY with another more famous jazz rock band from Belgium, PLACEBO (with whom they regularly shared the stage with). In that vein, music of SOLIS LACUS can be compared with PLACEBO and with the sound of Herbie HANCOCK's Headhunters which displayed similiar jazz funk style.

Solis Lacus existed around the same time as Marc Moulin’s Placebo, they shared stages and even a few members. The renowned Belgian pianist Michel Herr, who is said to have introduced electric jazz in the 70’s in Europe, led the band. The release has a very consistent flow and is compared to Nucleus or as being the European counterpart to sound experimentations of Herbie Hancock's Headhunters or to the best albums of the CTI label such as Freddie Hubbard. Closer in sound it is to jazzrock and even more, to several of Canterbury jazzrock albums, also due to its use of Rhodes piano (Soft Machine, Quiet Sun,..). The drumming is relaxed but very complex and incorporates many ideas without ever appearing to the foreground, also the bass lines can be melodious but only add sophistication to the sound, where especially the electric piano and trumpet, sometimes with duet harmonies (trumpets or trumpet/sax) that lead the evolutions. The fifth track starts more quietly with an echoing keyboards foundations, shortly some Latin drumming is added before taking us back to the general jazzfusion/jazzrock style. The last, uptempo track has a more complex melody in Canterbury style (outside the smooth jazziness), still holding the flow strongly. 




  2. Thank you for introducing me to Solis Lacus and Placebo. Both are very nice!