Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Michael Naura Quartett - 1971 - Call

Michael Naura Quartett 

01. Soledad De Murcia    5:57
02. M.O.C.    3:37
03. Forgotten Garden    5:53
04. Take Us Down To The River    3:58
05. Why Is Mary So Nervous?    5:28
06. Don't Stop    4:56
07. Miriam    3:48
08. Call    5:03

Wolfgang Schlüter: vibraphone
Michael Naura: electric piano
Eberhard Weber: bass
Joe Nay: drums

What a magical and beautiful record! The quartet floats on a fine and atmospherical carpet of jazzrock with somtimes blues or latin touches. Maybe the longtime friendship between the pianist Michael Naura and the vibraphonist Wolfgang Schlüter is the center of this floating little jewel. And with Eberhard Weber on bass it can't go wrong. Intersting to listen how Naura, coming from hard bop, is drifting in new musical territories. There is sometimes such a spiritual vibe in it, that for me it belongs to the wide field of Kozmigroov.

Michael Naura, in leading position of the northgerman radio, served from the beginning of the seventies exciting and open minded musicprograms to the audiance. As well he wrote recommandable books like "Cadenza - Jazzpanorama" with portraits of jazzlegends he knew, like Monk, Taylor, Evans, Marsalis, Mangelsdorff, etc.


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