Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Melody - 1975 - Come Fly With Me

Come Fly With Me

01. Viens Voler Avec Moi
02. Proverbs
03. Roll Around In The Clouds
04. When I'm Afraid I Sing A Song
05. Yesterlife
06. Tripping Through The Milky Way
07. Merry-Go-Round
08. Run Faster
09. Death-Rebirth

Bass Guitar – Gérard Batrya
Drums, Percussion – Phil Louvet
Guitar, Vocals – Jean-Luc L'Hermite
Keyboards – Didier Dupard
Vocals, Percussion – Diana Chase, Patrick Frehner
Producer [Under The Direction Of] – Philippe Besombes

Recorded and Mixed at « Studio du Chesnay »
November 12 - 13, 1975
Produced by « POLE RECORDS »

France-based 70's prog sextet coming from Argenteuil and featuring three French,one American,one Belgian and one Campbodian musician.These were Jean-Luc L'Hermitte on voices/guitar,Didier Dupard on keys,Phil Louvet on drums,female singer Diana Chase,Patrick Frehner on voices/percussion and bassist Gerard Batrya,later a member of German jazz-rockers Ikarus and Arakontis.Their debut ''Come fly with me'' from 1976 was produced by Philippe Besombes and was issued in two editions,one from Pole and a year later from Tapioca Records (with a full wrong second side with Mahogany Brain's music!!!).
The style of the band mixes elements from Psychedelic Rock,Symphonic Prog and Heavy Rock,sounding quite similar to the French bands of the time,despite lyrics being in English and provides elements from bands like CARPE DIEM,LAURA and SHYLOCK with a bit of EARTH AND FIRE and PAVLOV'S DOG.The production is muddy helping the band deliver their dark and haunting style,where melody is also present.Hypnotic but nice guitar work,driving organs,mellotron choirs,strong both female and male vocals with a crunchy edge and smooth bass lines complete a good soundpicture of the band,which easily turns from long and demanding munbers to shorter rockier tunes and throws plenty of breaks in moments to offer another delicate prog experience.
''Come fly with me'' is a long forgotten piece of the mid-70's prog scene,which will appeal to a wide range of music lovers due to its versatility and trippy production,especially to those who can't hook off the 70's.Recommended,a fine album in a  Classic Prog style.

Gotta small problem with this one... I downloaded this ages ago and there are 10 tracks, but the album only has 9... I suspect one was cut in two... but if anyone that knows this album could help me get some answers I would really appreciate it!

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