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Jacques Thollot - 1975 - Watch Devil Go

Jacques Thollot 
Watch Devil Go

01. Kanephoros
02. Up-Downs
03. Watch Devil Go
04. In Extenso
05. Go Mind
06. Trypyique Pour La Foire Des Ténèbres (Ray Bradburry) -
  a) Et Les Années De Ta Vie Seront Multipliées
  b) Comme Un Fou Lié Pour Le Chatiment Jusqu'A Ce Qu'Une Flêche Lui Perce Le Foie
  c) Comme Un Oiseau Se Précipite Vers La Mer Sans Se Douter Qu'Il Y A Pour Lui De Sa Vie
07. Le Ciel Manque De Généalogie
08. Kamikaze's Nightmare
09. Entre Java Et Lombok
10. Eddy G. Always Present
11. Before In
12. Eleven
13. La Dynastie Des Wittelsbach
14. 1883-1945, Heavens
15. Au Stylo Feutre, Un Paysage
16. Canéphore

- J.-F. Jenny-Clark / bass, vocals
- Jacques Thollot / drums, piano, synthesizer
- François Jeanneau / tenor saxophone, flute, synthesizer

French drummer Jacques Thollot started playing with jazz bands at an early age towards the end of the 1950's, being recognized as a prodigy child. One can find clips of him from 1958 playing the drums at the age of 13 in a night club with a jazz band (Barney Wilen Trio). He would pass his teenage years in this surrounding developing his musical vision which would be much wider and more experimental than what he used to play during that time.
His first release, which is also the most striking one, released on the Futura Records in 1971, is called "Quand Le Son Devient Aigu, Jeter La Giraffe A La Mer"; it is a splendid example of spacey-like, fragile and imaginative compositional style fusing jazz, electronic experiments, psychedelic elements and rock together, culminating in a blissful listening experience and it has earned Thollot the place in the NWW list.
Thollot went on to release 4 more albums, "Watch The Devil Go" (1975), Résurgence (1977), Cinq Hops (1978) and most recently Tenga Niña (1996). Whereas the first album is the one of most interest to those looking for the avant-prog/experimental side of his, the others are more jazz-oriented and include vocals. Of these the most notable and recommended is Cinq Hops with its more structured and direct approach (compared to Quand Le Son.) and contains and female-vocals fronting in a chant-like style with the rest of the band providing an ethereal atmosphere, making this a very pleasant album to listen to with a touch of Magma-like zeuhl elements and style.

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